Aker Solutions Wins Hook-Up and Commissioning Contract for Mariner Development

Given the large and complex project scope, the alignment of new and existing facilities encompasses FPSO, offshore platforms, and associated subsea tie-ins, pipelines, risers, manifolds and subsea facilities, all of which present facility integration challenges. Fluor’s experience resume and ongoing offshore presence provides Clients confidence to successfully execute their challenging brownfield projects. As a leader in the EPC industry, Fluor offers the full life cycle of services from engineering, procurement, fabrication, self-perform construction and construction management, operations and maintenance and project management. Fluor’s proven experience in offshore brownfield integration helps drive cost and schedule certainty. Clients benefit from Fluor’s discipline and early engineering planning that address potential brownfield integration issues. Key planning steps include: Fluor’s global resume of offshore work provides Clients confidence.

Let the IOC track record speak for itself

The Arcticaborg in operation. Discovered in July , Kashagan has been described as the largest field found in the past 30 years, the largest outside of the Middle East, with a projected output close to that of the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia. The field is being developed by a group of partners including Shell The funds will be handed over between and Kashagan oil field production and gas leakages First production from the field was achieved in September

Coral Alliance Sdn Bhd (Coral) is a Malaysian Bumiputra Company licensed with the National Oil Company, Petronas to provide integrated brownfield services for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Coral has established strategic office and service facilities in Kuala Lumpur and Kemaman in West Malaysia and Miri, Labuan, Bintulu and Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia.

Mechanical Completion Pre-commissioning Mechanical Completion is considered by MCCS to be the interface between construction and commissioning and includes all interfaces to the systems whether the systems are module or plant wide. Terminology differs from Client to Client and Project to Project. MCCS understanding of Mechanical Completion may also include pre-commissioning depending on the Clients’ contract terminology. Mechanical Completion operations Multidiscipline Pre-commissioning will verify the construction works based on the project specification and manage the relevant punch lists A and B Categories accordingly.

This operation covers all the static tests of equipment up to issuance of Ready for Commissioning RFC Certificates for each sub-system to be compiled in the Mechanical Completion Dossier. MCCS goal is to reduce costs by advising and assisting the Client in how to achieve successful Mechanical Completion by using techniques which have a proven track record in delivering effective and efficient results. Monitoring and reporting on progress is by work package and sub-system and can be reported in any manner or at any level as required.

Aker Solutions Lands Mariner Hook-Up

Some examples include the running and entire testing of the power generation systems, testing of emergency shutdown and control systems and dynamic trials on oil and gas export systems prior to load out to minimize the offshore or site scope. Physical, Control and Shutdown interfaces are also checked against the main contract drawings to minimise any unwanted re-work.

Preservation and Maintenance of the Plant for the Project Duration This includes the computerised system which provides the planning and check sheets and technicians required for maintenance of all equipment and all disciplines including vendor packages during the project execution onshore and offshore up to handover. It also includes site verification of vendor supplied packages and equipment and maintenance of the same before and after installation.

Fabrication and construction for installation of cold gas separators and heat exchangers. Man hours: 20, Duration: 4 Months Hook up and commissioning. Initial project management and support of work pack development for offshore scope of over 75, SQFT of hull column rehabilitation painting and 25, SQFT of deck.

In addition, the contracts include options for a total of 20 years. The estimated total value will be approximately NOK 40 billion, should all the options with the assumed scope of work be exercised, Statoil said on Thursday. This provides increased predictability and stable framework conditions both for the suppliers and us.

The negotiations have been constructive and we have agreed on agreements with simplified requirements. We have established a good starting point for safe and efficient subsea well activities on the Norwegian continental shelf going forward. The figures include planned wells in the field developments of Johan Castberg and Snorre Expansion Project. The contracts apply to subsea maintenance and additional equipment for the Norwegian continental shelf, with work both offshore and onshore.

The agreements are effective from March 1, , with a fixed duration of five years and include five four-year options. Norwegian oil services company Aker Solutions confirmed the contract award from Statoil, adding that its value depends on the amount of work ordered by Statoil under the agreement.

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Important news for the heavy lifting sector Efficient lifting below the hook Modulift has designed the Trunnion End Unit, a patent pending unit designed to improve safety and reduce the set up time required in heavy lift operations Written by Laura Hatton – 01 Dec Being versatile while improving safety and productivity are just some of the demands for below the hook equipment.

Laura Hatton reports In the current market for below the hook equipment, there is a demand for versatile products that can work in a range of environments. In the bulk transport sector, for example, there is an increasing demand for versatile, low headroom lifting beams and frames. This is especially true for dockside and vessel cranes.

UK-based lifting equipment specialist Modulift has invested to develop advanced and custom designs for a wide range of lifting requirements. First, the more efficient a design the lighter it can be and therefore easier to handle.

Kværner was in May awarded a contract by Lundin Norway AS to perform engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the topside for the Edvard Grieg platform, with an estimated contract value of NOK 8 billion. Lundin Norway AS has now confirmed an option in the contract to perform offshore hook.

The ballyhoo is a surface-dwelling baitfish that belongs to the Hemiramphidae or halfbeak family. While ballyhoo themselves are not present here in northern waters, there are several closely related species present in the Northeast, including the balao halfbeak and the Atlantic saury. The ballyhoo we use for bait are caught in Florida, brined, flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed before being shipped out around the world. Ballyhoo come in four different sizes called, from largest to smallest, horse, select, medium and small.

They can be bought at most tackle shops that stock big-game tackle, or you can order them from companies such as Next Day Bait www. Tuna, billfish and other pelagic species love to forage on these slender baitfish, and therefore ballyhoo make an excellent rigged trolling bait. Here are several ways to rig them up.

Begin construction by sliding the egg sinker onto the leader. Next, place a crimp on the line followed by a section of chafe tube. Run the leader through the eye of the hook and back through the crimp. Cinch the crimp down to the hook eye. Prior to crimping, place the section of size wire in to the crimp. After crimping, bend the wire up at a degree angle. Trim the wire so that there is about a half-inch protruding upward.

Let the IOC track record speak for itself

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The scope of work on the semi-submersible structure with topsides weight of 70, tons includes the preparation and execution of offshore hook-up activities and assistance to commissioning, Clough said in a statement on Wednesday.

Greco-Roman Pentaspastos “Five-pulley-crane” , a medium-sized variant ca. The Romans adopted the Greek crane and developed it further. We are relatively well informed about their lifting techniques, thanks to rather lengthy accounts by the engineers Vitruvius De Architectura There are also two surviving reliefs of Roman treadwheel cranes , with the Haterii tombstone from the late first century AD being particularly detailed. The simplest Roman crane, the trispastos, consisted of a single-beam jib, a winch , a rope , and a block containing three pulleys.

Having thus a mechanical advantage of 3: Heavier crane types featured five pulleys pentaspastos or, in case of the largest one, a set of three by five pulleys Polyspastos and came with two, three or four masts, depending on the maximum load. This meant that, in comparison to the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids , where about 50 men were needed to move a 2. At the temple of Jupiter at Baalbek , for instance, the architrave blocks weigh up to 60 tons each, and one corner cornice block even over tons, all of them raised to a height of about 19 m.

First, as suggested by Heron, a lifting tower was set up, whose four masts were arranged in the shape of a quadrangle with parallel sides, not unlike a siege tower , but with the column in the middle of the structure Mechanica 3. The maximum lifting capability of a single capstan can be established by the number of lewis iron holes bored into the monolith.

In case of the Baalbek architrave blocks, which weigh between 55 and 60 tons, eight extant holes suggest an allowance of 7.

The Three Ballyhoo Rigs Every Offshore Fisherman Should Know

Our project assignment locations have included the U. The case was settled in mediation prior to trial. Venezuela On behalf of the owner, analyzed the project schedule including engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly, shipping, installation and commissioning activities relative to delays and disruptions to the conversion of three offshore drilling rigs into gas compression stations. The evaluation included a review and critique of the overall dismantlement, removal and restoration plan, estimated quantities of work, labor and equipment costs, logistics and transportation, disposal of scrap and salvaged materials, and the dismantlement schedule.

Angola, South Korea Retained by a major U. Canada On behalf of the EPC contractor, analyzed a claim for delay during the design and construction of an offshore platform.

• Manage the ‘Offshore Installation’ Design and Construction Teams, and the Hook-Up Teams and any brownfield onshore construction work related to platform installation and brownfield/greenfield hook-up .

Overview[ edit ] Olkiluoto 3 under construction in It is the first EPR design, but problems with workmanship and supervision have created costly delays which led to an inquiry by the Finnish nuclear regulator STUK. Utility-scale solar electricity generation newly contracted by Palo Alto in costs 2. Many countries, including Russia, South Korea, India, and China, have continued to pursue new builds. Globally, 71 nuclear power plants were under construction in 15 countries as of January , according to the IAEA.

In the United States, nuclear power faces competition from the low natural gas prices in North America. These reactors are extremely expensive to build.

PTSC Offshore Platform Construction: Jacket – Film Production Vietnam in Brunei

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